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Within the device dashboard of the Chargemetrix platform you have the option to access device settings by selecting this text below the device name on the screen, as shown below. 

From here you will be able to see a few drop down options on whether you would like to edit device information, the device dashboard layout, or the device notifications.

Editing Device Information

Basic Information

Under this tab you are able to edit basic information such as the name of the device or the device icon.

Connected Battery Configuration 

Underneath this basic information you are able to set up the battery configuration of your connected device for the main battery and potential secondary battery connections (green and yellow). 

This set-up is important to ensure that the graphs represented in your dashboards are accurate for your battery type and application.

This drop-down list allows you to change between which battery type your device is connected to, you are able to select between Lithium, Lead Acid and AGM.

If you wished to connect to a secondary battery with the green and yellow wires you would then need to select what type of battery you are connected to in the drop down list in order for our data to be accurate for the graphs your use case. The nominal voltage for your connected battery can also be input here and can be typed straight into the text box. 

Static Location

If you have a static asset which you are connecting your Chargemetrix device to you can set your static location on the map by selecting the toggle button on to turn on your static location and then selecting the 'Pick Location' button to chose from the map view. See the quick video below.

You are able to freely move around the map and even search for a place with the search bar in the top right hand side of the pop out screen. Once you are happy with the location selection you simply click on the map to place your location with the marker and click 'Done'. This will save your location. 

Import Device Settings 

If you have more than one device you can import the device settings from another device to save you time on setting up your new device. 

Import settings will copy the layout, notification and battery settings from a selected device onto the device you’re on the settings for. 

You can either scroll through the device list or search for a certain device by using the search bar above this list. Once you have selected the device you can then click the ‘Import Settings’ button to save your selection. 

Editing Device Dashboard Layout

Under the Device Dashbaord Layout tab you are able to select which graphs you would like to see on your device dashboard page. You can turn these on or off by selecting the corresponding toggle buttons. 

You can also edit the title of the graphs shown if you would like to. For example, instead of the graph showing a ‘Green Wire’ title  it could instead read ‘AC Detection’ so that the user can easily understand what the data in the graph is for. 

The green and yellow wire for a Chargemetrix device can be used for switches, or secondary batteries, or motors, and can monitor the runtime of these if desired, depending on the use case. 

Editing Device Notifications

Under the ‘Device Notifications’ tab you can turn on or off the notifications you receive for your device by using the toggle buttons. 

There is a toggle button to the right of each type of notification that can be received for your device. By toggling these off you will no longer receive any notifications for that type. 

The trigger delay is used for how many times that the notification type will trigger and be registered within the latest report before sending the notification. For example, in the tamper detection notification the notification will only be sent after it has been registered by the device within its latest data reports twice. 

This is helpful to users who may be working on an asset regularly and do not want to be notified each time the hatch to their asset is opened. The number for the trigger delay can be increased or decreased based on user needs. 

This can be done by using the drop-down list shown and a user can select between 1 and 3. The Chargemetrix device is automatically set up to trigger at 2. 

To get back to the device dashboard view simply click on the cross which is beside the 'Settings' title at the top of the screen.


Device Settings on the Mobile App

To access the device settings in the mobile app, select a device on the main dashboard. An example device is shown below.

From here you can select the 'Settings' tab in the navigation bar (which is highlighted in the above screenshot) to take you to the device settings as shown below.

The settings within each tab are structured identically to those found on the web interface.

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