Navigating the Device Dashboard

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On selecting a device you will be taken straight to the device dashboard view. 

Here you can view all the data related to your connected device. 


Along the top provides the device name, icon, device serial number, latest report timestamp, and whether the device is connected to signal and/or GPS. 

Below this is the date range that can be selected to adjust the view of the data being shown. Chargemetrix stores up to 30 days worth of history of the data received. 

You can use the preset buttons from 24 hours to 30 days, or use the custom date selection calendar to view a certain timeframe within the 30 days history stored. 

Make sure to select 'Set Date Range' button to save your custom date selection on the calendar view. 


You can view the device data from the graphs in more detail as shown in the below video.

Upon clicking on a graph you will have a pop out appear of the graph in more detail, as shown below.

Here you can compare graphs across voltage, SoC, temperature and more, by selecting the corresponding graphs on the right hand side. 

You can also use functions such as zoom which can be used to focus in on a certain time frame within the graph, or switch to a line graph. This is highlighted in red in the above image.

You are also able to download the data as a CSV file by clicking on the highlighted button shown below. 

To get back to the main device dashboard simply click on the grey cross in the upper right hand side of this pop out screen. 

Notifications and Map View

On the right hand side of the screen there will be the latest notifications listed for the device with the correlating timestamps, as well as the map view of your device (if GPS is included).

By selecting the 'Expand Map' button on the map view you are able to review this in more detail, including setting a geofence for your device. This is shown in the below video. 

To delete a geofence simply click on the 'Delete geofence' button and this will be removed. 

Should you have a mobile asset you can view the location history by selecting the 'Location History' tab which will show you the location logs and timestamps within a set time range. 

To exit the map view simply click on the cross in the top left of the pop out screen. 

Device Settings

Device settings can be accessed by selecting the 'Device Setting' text under the device name at the top of the dashboard. 

From here you can edit device information, change the dashboard layout and toggle device notifications. 

Check out our article on 'Device Settings' for more information. 


Mobile App View 

The device dashboard on the mobile app is shown as in the below screenshot. 

To analyse the data on each of the graphs in more depth simply click on any point on the graph, as shown in the below example. 

To choose the desired data range for viewing, whether it's for 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or a custom date range, just click on 'Data Options' located at the top right corner of the screen. 

Upon selection, it will display the following options.

You are also able to compare graphs within this screen as in the web interface by selecting the 'Open Comparison' button. 

This will take you to the following screen for comparing graphs.

Similar to the web interface, you can click on the graphs to analyse the data in more detail. You can also select or deselect any number of graphs to compare against by toggling the buttons.

To get to the map view, notifications and device settings for the device you can select between the tab navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen whilst on the device dashboard. 

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